Fed up with soggy sandwiches??

Fed up with soggy sandwiches?? 2

I hated having a packed lunch when i was at school, everything just seemed warm and squashed and not how food should be. Recently Little Bean has been complaining that her sandwiches weren’t nice. When i asked her why she would say “they keep getting wet!”. That was when i realised there was a problem … Read more

A 4 year old with a social life!

A 4 year old with a social life! 3

It’s been a while since Curly first started school and we spent weekend after weekend attending birthday parties or scouring the shops for birthday presents. As he progressed through school the parties became less and less as friendship groups became more exclusive and the price of parties and entertainment became more expensive. Well now it’s … Read more

Little Bean’s Learning Journey

Little Bean’s Learning Journey 6

As a parent is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching your children learn and develop? Hubby and I have both been so proud of how well Little Bean is doing at school, she is soaking up every piece of information that is given to her at school and is loving ‘words’ at the moment. She … Read more

Little Bean’s First School Christmas Production . . .

Little Bean’s First School Christmas Production . . . 7

This afternoon a very proud Mummy, Daddy and Beanie Boy arrived early, yes me, EARLY to be sure to get a front row seat to watch Little Bean in her first school Christmas performance. We have been hearing the songs around the home, in the car, at the Grandparents and even just walking around the … Read more

Well that’s rather annoying!

Today marks a significant milestone for Little Bean – the conclusion of her first half term at Primary School. And frankly, she’s exhausted. These days, tears are a common occurrence within thirty minutes of the school bell. I attribute this to the fatigue and overwhelming adjustment to her new routine. Whenever I’m asked, “How is … Read more