Hard work pays off . . . 1

Hard work pays off . . .

Well done

Just look at that big beaming smile on my Little Bean, that there is the beaming smile of pride. Last Friday, Little Bean was presented with her Bronze Certificate at school or good behaviour and hard work. At school the children are presented with House Points when they behave particularly well or make good contribution to class discussions and produce good work. Little Bean will excitedly tell me when she receives a House Point and last week was over the moon when she had received enough House Points to receive her Bronze Certificate. I had to laugh as the most exciting thing about this for her was that she would also get to shake her Headmaster’s hand!!

Little Bean has been working really hard this school year both at school and at home. Every night when she gets in from school she willingly gets out her reading book and reads to me, she gets on with her homework without any fuss and is progressing really well. To say that I am proud of her is an understatement. I have found some great apps for the iPad which she has found helpful when it comes to phonics and maths.

Last week Hubby and I attended a Phonics lesson for parents at Little Bean’s school, they teach reading so differently now from when we were children. Part of me says, I learnt to read well so why change it but then the other part of me says, this new way does make sense and Little Bean seems to be doing ok with it. Perhaps I will share the lesson with you soon to see what you make of it.


  • mummymatters mum

    November 19 at 8:44 am

    Well done my little love, I am so proud of you for receiving this certificate. When you said to me that you were going to try especially hard to get the points you needed to receive this special award you blew me away with your 1st class efforts. The beaming smile on your little face proves that effort and hard work really does pay off. Love you lots Nanna xxx

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