Lillie’s Personalised Locket from LoveLox #ad

Lillie's Personalised Locket from LoveLox #ad

Disclaimer: Lillie received the Personalised Locket from LoveLox in exchange for our personal opinion in this post. All words and images are my own. I have not been instructed what to write. Having a daughter is a precious gift, and I love that we have a close relationship where she looks up to me and … Read more

Fun and Unique Valentine’s Ideas

Unique Valentines

When Valentine’s Day becomes a blur of last-minute flower and chocolate shopping, it is time to start thinking outside of the box and come up with some fun and unique Valentine’s ideas. The problem with trying to come up with something special is that it often involves money that people just do not have these … Read more

Tough love – has Valentine’s Day lost its romance for Brits in 2020?


Shocking statistics revealed New survey reveals almost half won’t by a gift A fifth won’t spend anything South East region biggest spenders in the UK…West Midlands the lowest Men spend 2.5x more than women One per cent will spend more than £500 Flowers the no 1 gift choice Absolutely NOTHING Cupid is set for a … Read more

6 Things to Do to Keep Romance Alive After Having Kids

Romance after kids

The transition from being a partner to a parent can be a tough and challenging one. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself running errands, trying to get everything done and not lose your mind in the process. In the midst of it all, romance definitely takes a backseat- but guess what? It doesn’t have … Read more

Valentine’s Date Night courtesy of the kids and M&S #ad

Valentines at home with M&S

I’m pleased to say that Simon and I are a couple who celebrate Valentine’s every year and each year it has taken on a different form. Anything from a trip to London to see The Lion King to meals out or more commonly since becoming parents, meals at home. This year has been another ‘first’ … Read more