6 Things to Do to Keep Romance Alive After Having Kids

The transition from being a partner to a parent can be a tough and challenging one. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself running errands, trying to get everything done and not lose your mind in the process. In the midst of it all, romance definitely takes a backseat- but guess what? It doesn’t have to!

Keep reading to discover 6 simple things you can do to keep romance alive with your partner, even after you have kids.

Make Time for Romance


You may be trying to be an exceptionally good parent and put your child and their needs first, no matter what. That probably means you’ve been avoiding friend get-togethers, spa sessions and everything else, but if there’s one thing that parenthood shouldn’t affect, it is your time together as a couple. Work together to make time for romance – eventually, it’ll be effortless!

Schedule in Date Nights

Oh yes! Set a date night with your partner every week – and stick to it. No, it isn’t selfish if you spend some quality time with your partner, undisturbed – after all, your kids would want their parents to be happy together right? Setting movie date nights or even just dining out at a restaurant can help you both rekindle the flame and keep the romance alive!

Spoil your Spouse

It is the little things in life that usually matter the most, and the small effort that you put in that counts. For instance, just having a sticky note up on the fridge that says “I love you” or preparing your spouse’s favourite meal can really make a difference. Try to do more of these little gestures to make your partner feel loved and special.

Be Flirty- Again!

Romance after kids

So you’re a parent, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a girlfriend/boyfriend anymore! Don’t lose the fun part of your relationship – yes, a little PDA is okay, and so is being flirty! Work to genuinely please your partner – sending cute little messages and having inside jokes – it can all get the romance back on track!

Don’t Make it a Competition

As a couple, you both may be struggling to do the best, that also means you might be underestimating what your partner is doing. This can all quickly turn arguments into resentments. Understand that both of you are trying your best, and don’t make it a competition – share your hopes and dreams with each other and work together – it’ll help you bond like never before!

Intimacy Rules

Romance after kids

Find the time to be intimate and have fun with your partner to keep the romance alive – having kids doesn’t mean you have to stay off of that. Experiment in the bedroom and look for ways to get your partner interested again – the little things count! Get your man a sexy cologne or yourself a new perfume, some cute nightwear and have fun – it is a vital part of your marriage!

Remember that your partner is the one who stepped into your life first, your kids later. Prioritise your time with your partner, even if it is for just a while – they will really appreciate it.

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