6 Tips to Write the Perfect Valentines Day Card

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and whether you’re planning to pull out all the stops or looking forward to a more low-key celebration, it’s important to make each Valentines Day special. Some couples opt for extravagant gifts, and some like to get away for a cosy weekend together. But every Valentine’s Day starts with the perfect card. When the time comes, the choice of Valentine’s Day cards can be overwhelming. And once you’ve found the perfect card for your loved one, the real challenge begins — writing a message that will warm their heart! Not everyone can become a master wordsmith overnight, but Shakespeare or not, you’re sure to find the perfect way to make your other half feel special. Follow some simple tips and write a message that they will treasure.

1. Do your research

6 Tips to Write the Perfect Valentines Day Card

Before you begin crafting your gesture of love, take some inspiration from the greats. Look up some classic love letters and find out what those writers did so well. Think John Keats to Fanny Brawne, Georgia O’Keeffe to Alfred Stieglitz, or Ernest Hemingway to Marlene Dietrich — all of these people have gone down in history for their romantic letters, so they must have been doing something right! Consult these poetic works of literature for some inspiration before starting this year’s epic Valentine’s card.

2. Choose the perfect card

Valentine’s Day Card

Whatever you choose to write inside, the actual card is the first thing your loved one will see. Whichever greetings card company you go with, you’ll have a plethora of great options at your fingertips. You could go for something cute and cuddly, a card full of jokes and puns, or find a card that is specific to them — such as something that references their favourite film or TV show. Find some great options below and choose a card that perfectly matches their personality.

If instead, you’re planning on celebrating Galantine’s Day — the Valentine’s Day alternative which celebrates female friendship — many cards would be wonderful choices…

3. Strike the right tone

Valentine’s Day Card

We all know that Valentine’s Day’s theme is love and romance, but there are countless ways to express this. Some people love anything heart-felt, whereas others would far prefer a witty card, peppered with in-jokes and personal quips. Ensure that you strike the perfect tone and write something that won’t make your loved one cringe! This is completely personal to each couple, so however cute you decide to go depends on your relationship.

4. This time, it’s personal

Following on from the last point, putting personality into your Valentine’s Day card is key! There are plenty of ways to make your message special. Using nicknames known only to the two of you is a great way to do this. This way, the very first thing your other half will read signifies how individual and special your relationship is. You could also reference some of your favourite moments or anecdotes from your relationship so far, reminding them of funny stories, or romantic moments such as your very first date.

5. Call upon some help

If, by this point, your creativity is beginning to wane, don’t panic! There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a line or two from someone else! Perhaps you have a song that reminds you of them every time it plays? It could be a line from a book or even a beloved part of a film you love watching together. A lyric or line special to your relationship would be perfectly placed in a romantic Valentine’s Day card, whether it’s cheesy, funny, or deeply personal.

6. Make sure they know just how special they are

Valentine’s Day Card

These tips and tricks are a great jumping-off point for your Valentines Day card, but the most important piece of advice you should take is to speak from the heart. The only way to let your loved one know how you really feel is by naturally writing your card for you and truly tells them how special they are. Whatever tone you choose, you’re bound to bring a tear to their eye and make this one a Valentine’s Day, to remember.

So, get started early this year and find a truly perfect card for you and your loved one. Pair it with a present, whether that be flowers, chocolate, or something more extravagant, and a romantic meal, and you can’t go wrong!




6 Tips to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Card


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