How to Create Healthy Eating Habits in Your Kids

Cooking with children

As parents, all we want is for our kids to be happy and healthy. While there are many factors to consider here, one essential way of ensuring their wellbeing is establishing healthy eating habits from a young age. If you have a kid and are not sure how to approach this often tedious task, keep … Read more

Scott Simplissimo Chef Cook Blender – Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe

Tuscan Bean Soup

#AD-GIFTED Earlier this year when I attended the Exclusively Brand Showcase in London, I met up with premium small home appliance experts Scott, I was immediately drawn to the Scott Simplissimo Chef. Anything which makes cooking as simple and labour-free whilst keeping it healthy is good in my book. Scott Simplissimo Chef The Simplissimo Chef … Read more

Valentine’s Date Night courtesy of the kids and M&S #ad

Valentines at home with M&S

I’m pleased to say that Simon and I are a couple who celebrate Valentine’s every year and each year it has taken on a different form. Anything from a trip to London to see The Lion King to meals out or more commonly since becoming parents, meals at home. This year has been another ‘first’ … Read more

Ways to Inspire Kids to Cook and eat healthily

Inspire kids to cook

It’s the parental cry heard all around the globe: please, just take one more bite! Many know the patience, strength, and endurance it takes to get our kids to eat those essential healthy meals each day. We also know how important it is to get those important nutritional benefits and nourishment from their fruits and … Read more

Recipe: Foolproof Lemon Chicken and Potatoes in Bacofoil®

If you’re not a huge fan of cooking (like me) then when you do need to cook, you want it to be as quick, easy and mess-free as possible. That’s why from a young age I began cooking meat in Bacofoil®. I found that cooking in foil kept the meat tender, retained lots of the … Read more

Family Activities when staying in Devon and the South West

Some of our most memorable family holidays have been those spent in Devon and the South West of England, it’s a happy place for us and one that I wanted to share with my readers. If you strike it lucky with the weather when you visit you could be forgiven for thinking that you have … Read more