Fun and Unique Valentine’s Ideas

Unique Valentines

When Valentine’s Day becomes a blur of last-minute flower and chocolate shopping, it is time to start thinking outside of the box and come up with some fun and unique Valentine’s ideas. The problem with trying to come up with something special is that it often involves money that people just do not have these … Read more

Tough love – has Valentine’s Day lost its romance for Brits in 2020?


Shocking statistics revealed New survey reveals almost half won’t by a gift A fifth won’t spend anything South East region biggest spenders in the UK…West Midlands the lowest Men spend 2.5x more than women One per cent will spend more than £500 Flowers the no 1 gift choice Absolutely NOTHING Cupid is set for a … Read more

5 Negative Impacts Domestic Violence has on Children

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a crime and should be dealt with through criminal lawyers. It can take on many shapes, including constant arguing, verbal and physical abuse, assault, intimidation, threats, etc. But if you think it only affects people directly involved in it, meaning the spouses, then you’re wrong. Domestic violence has negative impacts on innocent … Read more