• Kindness-Bingo

    A little kindness goes a long way

    It is scientifically proven that being kind makes us happy! Little acts of kindness like holding a door open or helping someone carry some bags can make you smile. So why not do it more often! bingo.paddypower.com have created a ‘Kindness Bingo’ card to celebrate ‘Random Act of Kindness’ Day on the 17th February why not try […]

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  • bored at work

    Anyone for Bingo? – 5 productive things to do when bored at work

    Feeling bored is normal and natural. We have all been there and to be honest, this time, we mostly end up spending hours scrolling through social media because we simply can’t seem to find anything productive to do! Sometimes, boredom can also take a toll on us and this can lead to feelings of discontentment. […]

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  • Featured Post

    The Guide to Things to Keep You Occupied During the Winter Months

    After an extended summer this year winter is now finally upon us and the cold moths demand that we adjust our timetables and lifestyles somewhat. In addition to dealing with shorter days and longer night’s, there’s also the small task of keeping your home warm and cosy during the winter months, but once that’s covered […]

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