018/365-2013 – Substitute for sand?

Snow playThe day dawned with unexpected clarity, the morning light revealing a landscape free of frost and remarkably dry. Yet, as if by some playful winter magic, within mere hours, a flurry of snowflakes transformed our garden into a wintry wonderland, just in time for the little ones’ post-school adventures. Excitement was tangible in the air, especially when we picked up Little Bean from school. No sooner had she settled into the car than her eager question filled the space, “Can we put our snowsuits on and play outside?”

We hurried home, the children’s anticipation palpable. In a flurry of excitement, they wriggled into their snowsuits, their faces alight with the joy of impending play. Together, we ventured out to the playhouse, rummaging for buckets and spades – who says they’re only for the beach? With each scoop of snow, their laughter echoed, a soundtrack to their joyful play.

Unfortunately, my participation was limited to a spectator’s role. Struggling to find warm attire in my size, I found solace behind the patio doors. From there, I watched, a smile on my lips, as their little figures danced in the snow, their independence growing alongside their snow castles. The warmth of home enveloped me, but it was their unbridled happiness that truly warmed my heart.

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