Where did the time go?

Two weeks ago today I collected Little Bean from school and said “we’ll see you in two weeks” and dare I say it, I was kind of dreading those two weeks with her at home. Not because I didn’t want to spend time with my beautiful girl, of course I did but I’ve been so busy with work stuff recently I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope with keeping up with work AND entertaining my two very excitable tiddlers.

As the week began I made plans for what to do each day and decided that actually, work would have to wait. What’s the point in being a stay/work-at-home Mum if you can’t set your own schedule? Surely that’s one of the big benefits to it, being able to spend the time with your children when they were at home and making the most of them whilst I can? SO I DID!!!

imageI have still been a good girl and got the odd bits of work done here and there, I’ve done work when they have had a nap or in the evenings once they are in bed (although I’ve even given myself a couple of nights off too so that I could spend time alone with Hubby but on the whole I feel like I have actually had a holiday too. We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks and I’m even asking myself “where did the time go?”. We have caught up with old friends, we’ve had trips to the park and the seaside. We have played in the garden, done all kinds of crafts, watched some fab dvd’s and generally had a blast. If I have learnt one thing these past two weeks it’s that I shouldn’t wish my time away and remember that I although work is important, family will always come first!

What did you do for the holidays? Have you learnt anything about yourself?

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