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Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 5

Summer Holidays 2013

At the moment our mornings are quite relaxing, I don’t have to get Little Bean to playscheme until 9.30am so I’m actually getting there on time BEFORE the school gates open. Now why can’t school start at 9.30am too, I work so much better for having that little extra time in the morning!! Perhaps I could mention it to the authorities, do you think they would listen? Nah me either!!

Today’s ‘theme’ was dinosaurs which I knew what bound to be a hit with Little Bean, she takes after her brother Curly in her love of dinosaurs.

Summer Holidays 2013

Once we dropped Little Bean to playscheme this morning, the boys and I had a lazy morning in the lounge just playing with toys, cuddling, tickling and watching a bit of TV. I felt quite refreshed for doing ‘nothing’ and I absolutely loved watching the boys together. Jelly Bean is getting to a great age now and he adores his bigs brothers and sister, his face lights up whenever they are near.

Summer Holidays 2013

In the afternoon we took one of Little Bean’s school friends and her Mummy to Rainbow Crazy at Whittlesey to do some pottery painting. I had bought a Groupon Voucher back in April with the intention of using it during a school holiday, it was such good value for money too. I paid £15 for up to four people to paint including our studio fees.

Being the baby brain that I am at the moment I completely forgot to tell Daddy about LG’s birthday party on the weekend that I was in London for BritMums Live and so Little Bean missed it. To make up for it, we invited LG and her Mummy to join us and the girls had a great time. Beanie Boy had his first attempt at pottery painting, I’m not sure he will be winning any prizes just yet but they had lots of fun so that’s the important thing! Check back next week when we have collected their money boxes to see how they look once they have been glazed and fired.

Summer Holidays 2013

Since the sun was shining we decided it was too nice to go straight home so we stopped off at the park to let the tiddlers burn off some steam. Unsurprisingly the park was very busy and four of the children who live next door to us were there too so they all had a great time chasing each other around.

Then when we got home the fun continued as the tiddlers played in the garden and I nearly fell over backwards when I saw Little Bean actually helping Beanie Boy on the swing and pushing him. Most of the time it’s a fight because Little Bean loves the swing so much she won’t get off it and let him have a go. You see they can be friends – sometimes!!

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