Summer Holidays – Day 3

Summer Holidays

When I woke up this morning I had the day ahead of me all planned out in my head and pretty much the only thing which went according to plan was Little Bean going to playscheme. I had planned on staying at home this morning and doing more housework but something has been driving me potty for weeks every single time I walk into the garden – the table and chairs! They look so old and tired, they creak and wobble when you sit on them but no matter how many times I have tried to find a replacement, I can’t find anything which seats as many people without taking up too much space so this morning I decided to pay a visit to B&Q with a view to getting some wood paint and some mending brackets to strengthen the table and chairs a little – job done! Now I just need to find the time to paint them!

On the way home we picked Little Bean up and heard all about her morning, again she came home with her hands full of things which she had made; a bookmark for Daddy, a robot for Bro, an alien for me, a mask for Jelly Bean and nothing for Beanie Boy because “I gave him a lighthouse yesterday!!” well that told him then!

Whilst the boys had their afternoon nap, Little Bean and I tackled the last of the Lego Friends sets she received for her birthday, ‘Heartlake City Pool’. She started it whilst I was putting Jelly Bean to bed and had completed more than half of it by the time I came downstairs, she amazes me how well she gets on with them. It looks like she is going to take after her ‘Bro’ when it comes to a love of Lego, mind you I was a lover of Lego too so I’m secretly excited when she asks me for any help.

In the afternoon we had intended on meeting up with our friends but that didn’t go quite to plan either so whilst the tiddlers took to the garden, I took the opportunity to strengthen the table and benches with Jelly Bean as my Supervisor. Thankfully it has been a little bit cooler today which made life a little bit easier, I don’t want the sunshine to go but just 1 or 2 degrees cooler would be nice!

How are your Summer Holidays going?

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