Summer Holidays 2013 – Weekend 1

Summer Holidays

It was a weekend of jobs for us, for once we had no plans to go anywhere so we took the opportunity of spare time and good weather to get out in the garden, have a sort out in the garage and open up all the windows and doors at home to give the house a good airing and a thorough clean. It always feels good to get to the bottom of things doesn’t it?!

Beanie Boy had his very first sleepover at Nanna’s house and had a brilliant time. Nanna said that he was a really good boy and went to bed without any problems. That of course meant that Little Bean had Mummy and Daddy pretty much to herself (Jelly Bean spent a lot of time sleeping) so Little Bean made the most of it. Mummy and Little Bean did some baking, reading, writing and having a little sort out in her bedroom. Then she ventured outside to play in the garden with Daddy before disappearing into the neighbour’s gardens/houses to play with her friends. Our house has never sounded so quiet (and strange!!). When she returned home, Daddy was just about to head out for a ride on his bike (he’s trying to get fit for our holidays) and Little Bean really wanted to go. Unfortunately she has shown no interest in riding her bicycle yet so she couldn’t cycle with him but we checked the weight limit on the child seat and found that it was still ok for her to ride on the back of Daddy’s bike. According to Daddy she laughed and screamed the whole time, she loved it so much she begged him to take her out again the following day.

On Sunday evening after the children were all in bed, I managed to finish my book which I started on Monday – Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – I sobbed like a baby. I had no idea what to expect of this book but it had me hooked from the first chapter and kept me guessing all the way to the end. Such a good read!

What did you get up to at the weekend?

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