Postnatal Myth Busters by Hannah Barrett and Finola Burrell

Postnatal Myth Busters

As mums, we are surrounded by postpartum information and advice, and it can be so confusing to know what is actually true! Below physiotherapist Finola Burrell and Hannah Barrett of Yoga Girl London uncover five of these common postpartum myths. There’s more of these in our postnatal e-guide Strength Through Yoga that ensures a safe … Read more

Recognising and Surviving Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression

After the initial excitement of announcing your pregnancy, you’ve gone through nine months of gaining weight, bodily changes, and other surprises. Finally, the baby comes, and you get a rush of excitement. Your newly prepared home is now suddenly full, and your previously quiet day is now interrupted by a very demanding (and cute) baby. … Read more