What to Do if your Child is Performing Poorly at School

performing poorly at school

Like adults, children can experience ups and downs in their working lives. There are multiple outside factors which conspire to disrupt them or set them on the wrong track during their early academic lives. Whether your child is very bright, average or has additional needs, there is every reason to support them to aspire to … Read more

What to Do (And What Not to Do) When your child is Suffering from Anxiety


As an adult, you must have experienced anxiety and stress at several points in time, and what we often tend to forget is that our children too, experience these difficult emotions- sometimes more often than it is for them to handle. If you suspect your child is experiencing anxiety, don’t be worried- there is actually a … Read more

The facts on young people’s mental health

MQ Mental Health Infographic

Sadly mental health is STILL something which has a stigma attached to it. So when I came across this useful infographic created through mental health research I wanted to share it with my readers. As a parent of young children, I worry about their future and how the path of their lives will shape them. … Read more