LeapFrog young learners into Christmas

We have been fans of LeapFrog learning toys for many years now and they just keep on getting better. Here are two of our most recent additions which we believe will make great gifts for your young learners.

Educational Play the Schleich Way


Free Educational Play and Development Brochure Schleich have been working closely with renowned Child Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer to create a free to download 16 page brochure designed to be a guide to the best in imaginative play and development. Children can learn so much through play and the best part is they don’t even realise … Read more

Little Bean gets her ‘Geek On’ with Project Mc2

Project MC2

These days being a bit of a ‘geek’ can actually be considered to be cool, oh how times have changed! Little Bean has been getting her geek on recently with fab new doll McKeyla McAllister from the cool range of Project MC2 dolls by MGA Entertainment. The range of dolls has been created to accompany … Read more

Alternative Easter Gift: Playmobil Easter Bunny School No: 6173

Playmobil Easter

I know at Easter the traditional gift to give is chocolate but when you have a big family, your children can end up with LOADS of chocolate and whilst we would never NOT give chocolate at Easter, we do prefer to give our Beans just a little bit of chocolate and then a gift instead. … Read more

Give the gift of Learning with Math Whiz Maths Challenge

Math Whiz

I remember when I was a child one of my favourite toys was the Little Professor, a handheld game toy which asked mathematical questions and kept score. It’s tag line was “Not a calculator and much more than a toy”, it was a ‘toy’ that I played with for years and I know without doubt … Read more

Woohoo proud to be Playmobil Playologists!


As the Beans and I were jumping in our car to head off on our first camping trip of the Summer, a parcel arrived which I had to hide straight away, otherwise we would never had got away on our holiday. It had the word ‘Playmobil‘ plastered all over it so I knew there were … Read more

Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

You might think it seems a bit odd that I’m writing about First Birthdays again when our youngest, Jelly Bean, is approaching his third birthday in January but our beautiful God-Daughter has just turned one and our very cute neighbour also turns one in the next week and so it got me thinking about how … Read more

Clementoni Space Lab Giveaway

The Space Lab

When I attended The Toy Fair at Olympia at the start of this year, there was one particular toy which really caught my attention because it was one which I knew my green fingered Beans would just love . . . The Space Lab!!! Embark on your space adventure Space is waiting just for you … Read more