Can’t bear to part with your baby’s outgrown clothes?


If you can’t bear to part with your outgrown baby clothes (I still have 99% of all of my Beans’ outgrown clothes!!) then Oobicoo the soft toy tot is your answer. There are four Oobicoos to choose from; Ollie, Orla, Olwyn and Ed, each with their own set of interests. They are cuddly lifesize friends … Read more

Learning Resources have got just what you need this Christmas

Counting Cookies

It can be so hard to know what to buy for the children can’t it, one minute they are into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the next it’s Power Rangers and then who knows what’s next?! If you’re anything like me then when it comes to buying toys for the children I like them to have … Read more

Snap n Learn Alphabet Alligators

Alphabet Alligators

When do you think about teaching your children their ABC’s? Is it from the moment they can talk? When they start preschool? When they start primary school? OR when they are ready?? Personally I think it helps to give them an understanding of their ABCs, to be able to sing the song and to at … Read more