LeapFrog young learners into Christmas

We have been fans of LeapFrog learning toys for many years now and they just keep on getting better. Here are two of our most recent additions which we believe will make great gifts for your young learners.


LeapPad Platinum

Being number 4 in the family, you tend to just get all the toys that everyone else has played with until they give up the ghost and refuse to work anymore. Jelly Bean has always enjoyed playing with Beanie Boy’s old LeapPad. Just like his Mummy he likes to play memory games and problem-solving games but earlier this year the LeapPad was accidentally lost on holiday so there were tears and tantrums (from Jelly Bean and maybe a little tantrum from Mummy too).


LeapFrog then got in touch and asked if we would like them to send us a LeapPad Platinum along with Melody the Musical Turtle and so my boy is happy once again.

What’s New?

The LeapPad Platinum has come a long way since the LeapPad 2 which we had previously. It is an all-new tablet with a 7” multi-touch screen boasting sharp, crisp graphics, a fast and powerful processor encased in a sleek casing.

Safe Surfing

The trouble with having older siblings is that the little ones want to do everything their big brothers and sisters do and that includes looking around on the internet. With the LeapPad platinum, I’m delighted to tell you there is a safe, protected browser with KidWeb and it can be accessed via WiFi at home or on the move. Kid-Web is packed with kid-appropriate videos and content which has been reviewed or approved by learning experts.


Kid-smart fun

There are over 800+ games and more (sold separately) that have been designed and approved by LeapFrog educators with select titles featuring Just For Me learning.

Unlock GamePlay with Imagicard

If you’re a gaming family then you will surely have come across things like Amiibo, Skylanders and Disney Infinity where you buy figures to unlock extra gameplay. Well, with LeapPad Platinum, young players have Imagicard which unlock gameplay, photo fun, trivia and more.


Kid Tough

I have lost count of the times that I have said to my Beans not to leave their tablets on the floor or balanced on the edge of furniture but children will be children and accidents do happen so that is why LeapFrog has made the Platinum their toughest tablet yet. It has a shatter-proof screen and a wrap-around bumper to protect it from bumps and scrapes.

Parental Controls

Do not be fooled by your little people, they are much brighter than you think. They are the people of tomorrow who will grow up swiping screens, tapping links and sharing all over the internet so if there is one lesson you need to learn well, it’s how to set up Parental Controls well. With the LeapPad Platinum, you can password protect, set time limits and customise gameplay for different ages and stages of children so that more than one child can have access to the tablet yet only have access to their age appropriate content.

Melody the Musical Turtle

I have sometimes felt that we have failed Jelly Bean slightly when it came to learning toys. With three older siblings, he seems to have gone straight from being a baby who would roll around on the floor to playing with figures and playsets without doing the ‘learning toys’ bit in the middle. Our house seemed to be inundated with ‘baby/toddler’ toys for so many years that we suddenly felt the need to throw them all out. Perhaps this is why Jelly Bean has been a little slower to learn his colours??

Well, we have been rectifying the situation recently with the introduction of Melody the Musical Turtle from Leapfrog. Jelly Bean loves music and dancing so he has taken to this toy really quickly. The aim of the game is to race the music to find numbers and colours, repeat patterns and create tunes with 10 light-up activities.


Look, learn and repeat

Press a button and the melody will play a sequence of lights to the music and either alone or with a friend you need to press the buttons in the same order to win.

Numbers and Colours

Melody asks you to find specific numbers and colours which you need to do before the music ends. Jelly Bean is getting much better at this one with his colours but numbers are proving a little tricky still.

Even though this is a toy aimed at children aged 2-5 years, Beanie Boy has enjoyed playing along with Jelly Bean to reinforce his number skills. This has had the knock-on effect of making it even more enjoyable for Jelly Bean to have someone other than Mummy to play with.

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