Brand Awareness Among Children: How Can Parents Select Educational Toys

What more would parents ask for if their child learns and develops good skills while playing? Learning through play is one of the most effective and popular means of teaching children important life skills. Unfortunately, nowadays toy stores seemed to be more focused on seeding brand awareness among children instead of providing children with a … Read more

Smite – the fun and tactical wooden garden game!


Growing up I remember playing garden games with my family late into the Summer’s evening and they bring back happy memories. Croquet was favourite game, my Grandad had a beautiful Wooden Croquet set on a trolley with large solid wooden balls. We had the perfect garden for playing out in as a family, it had a … Read more

Sometimes the best ‘toys’ are the simplest!


I have learnt quite a bit about my Beans over the Summer holidays, in particular about their ‘toy tastes’. I don’t know about other parents but I always find Christmas and Birthdays quite a daunting prospect trying to guess just what it is they really want. So far as a parent we have bought gifts … Read more