Brother, You Got a Friend in me! #ThinkwayFriends


The Summer holidays are drawing to a close and whilst the Summer seems to have flown by even faster than previous years, I have taken the time to stop and really look at my Beans. I have noticed a lot of changes in their relationship with each other and those around them. Albie’s First School … Read more

Bullying hurts, it’s time to #BeKind


This morning whilst sipping my coffee and catching up on my Facebook timeline I saw a video which had been shared by a friend featuring a local school who were featured on This Morning with Holly and Phil as part of the #BeKind campaign. Now I’m not a watcher of daytime TV, I’m too busy … Read more

Parenting and Primary School crushes?

Little Bean

Little Bean is now coming to the end of her third year at school and up until now has had a couple of ‘crushes’ on boys, two boys in particular but they have both been the ‘popular’ boys who barely seem to notice that she exists (my heart breaks for her). Just when you think that … Read more

Celebrating Best Friends this Valentines with #BratzBFF


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to be solely reserved for loving couples. What better time of year to tell your #BFF (Best Friend Forever) just how much they mean to you than Valentine’s Day? Last year saw the welcome return of the Bratz girls complete with fresh new styles and … Read more

#MummyMattersSummer2015 – Ayscoughee Hall and Springfields


We had hoped that we would be able to spend a lot more time with our Skegness contingent of Besties but our diaries just haven’t worked in coordination this Summer and as a result this was our only day out. During the first week of #MummyMattersSummer2015 we met up with MumtoC and the two C’s … Read more

Pirates, Plasters and a Picnic in the Park

Outdoor fun

The Summer holidays have crept up on me again this year, I just don’t know where this last term has gone. With the approaching Summer holidays comes a sad realisation for me too, things are about to change. These are my last few weeks with my boys at home together two days a week because … Read more