Pirates, Plasters and a Picnic in the Park

The Summer holidays have crept up on me again this year, I just don’t know where this last term has gone. With the approaching Summer holidays comes a sad realisation for me too, things are about to change. These are my last few weeks with my boys at home together two days a week because from September Beanie Boy will be starting in Reception. Being a September baby, Beanie Boy will be one of the oldest in his class and is more than ready for school but I’ve been kind of complacent this last year that I’ve had this extra year with him at home. Sure we have always had days out and fun times together but I feel like I really need to squeeze every last moment out of these last few weeks of term.

Before Little Bean started school I made sure that we had a day out just me and her, a kind of last celebration of our special time together and so I promised Beanie Boy that we too would have such a day together and it’s finally in the planning stages.

Outdoor fun

This past school year we had also formed a lovely routine of getting together with our besties Karin and Sammy on a Thursday morning so the boys got to play together and Karin and I had a catch up. Next week will be our last Thursday because next year Beanie Boy will be at school and Jelly Bean will be at preschool two mornings a week!!!! Arrghhhh!!!

This week we picked Karin and Sammy up and went to a different park which we have seen often enough but never ventured to. We had a blast. The boys took along some of Sammy’s swords and an axe and declared the climbing frame was their ‘Pirate Ship’. I love watching the little ones in role play, tearing around yelling “drop the anchor”, “walk the plank” it feels how childhood should be, all about the make believe before reality kicks in and makes them grow up.

“Little Boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older”

JM Barrie

Whilst the boys were playing, Karin and I watched and talked about the days when it was our girls who were playing together as we chatted and the differences between the girls and the boys. The girls were independent from the word ‘go’, they were both very confident and capable. The boys have been less confident, they have needed a little bit more of a ‘boost’ from us Mummies and they have been a heck of a lot more clumsy!!


When we arrived at the park both Sammy and Beanie Boy were sporting plasters from their various injuries and throughout our time at the park I think another 3-4 plasters were administered between the pair of them. Somehow I managed to avert a serious accident when I spotted a large shard of glass hiding in the grass under the climbing frame they were on.

How is it that boys and girls can be so different? On Wednesday I took Beanie Boy to a park with his brothers and sister, as I called time on our little outing Beanie Boy promptly ran into the seat of the zip wire right on his hip bone leaving him with a bruise. This evening whilst eating his tea he somehow managed to slip forward and bang his chest on the table causing more tears and I have lost track of how many accident reports I have had to sign from preschool. I’m pretty sure he should have his own accident book by now and I definitely need to get shares in plasters!!!


One thing I really do love about my boys though is their ability to eat well and enjoy a range of healthy foods. They are the polar opposite of their sister in that respect, they will happily munch their way through meat, fruit and vegetables. Sure they have their off days but on the whole I am happy with their diet. We enjoyed a lovely picnic with Karin and Sammy (although I forgot to take food for myself doh!) and it felt good to be out in the fresh air. Beanie Boy was so tired when we returned home he asked “can I get my cuddlies [soft toys] and snuggle on the sofa for a little while” and he did. In so many respects he is growing so fast but in others he is still (and always will be) my little boy. I feel truly privileged to have spent these last 7 years at home with my babies when others have had to return to work. It isn’t something I ever take for granted and I definitely think I have made the most of our time together.

But I will miss him (and I do Little Bean) xxx

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  1. It’s great that you had this last day with him like you did with Little Bean, he looks like he’s really enjoyed it. The boys playing together are so cute, it’s great that you and Karin had kids around the same time for them to play together. I’ve not found much difference in injuries and accidents with Clio vs the boys but I’m sure that’s because she’s got 5 older brothers and always wants to be included. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

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