• Lillie

    Contemplating motherhood – life with a daughter

    Before becoming a Mum I used to dream of having children from a young age.  I always wanted at least one of each but I knew I wanted a daughter first.  Don’t ask me why because I don’t know.  Whenever I thought of myself as a Mum, it always began with life with a daughter.  […]

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  • Little Bean at 9 years old

    Little Bean is my first born, the only little lady in our family. When I found out I was pregnant I secretly hoped that our first baby would be a little girl but we decided we wouldn’t find out until the birth. At that moment when we discovered that our beautiful newborn was a little […]

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  • Hormones

    Could it be puberty with Little Bean already?

    Over the last few months Hubby and I have noticed a difference in Little Bean and more prominently, she has noticed a change in herself. Little Bean has always liked her own space, to relax, read, watch TV and play with her toys. Her current toys of choice are her ‘large dolls’ she loves to […]

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  • Little Bean

    Parenting and Primary School crushes?

    Little Bean is now coming to the end of her third year at school and up until now has had a couple of ‘crushes’ on boys, two boys in particular but they have both been the ‘popular’ boys who barely seem to notice that she exists (my heart breaks for her). Just when you think that […]

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  • #RaceforLife

    Race for Life 2015 – WE DID IT!!!!

    Yesterday morning started with a rather wet and soggy walk at Burghley House in Stamford. Not just any old walk though, Mum, Little Bean and I joined the #PinkArmy in the Race for Life 2015 event. Starting the event and taking those first few steps across the start line always feels quite an emotional moment […]

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