• #Project366

    Project 366 – Week 17 2016

    Oh dear, it looks like I’m playing catch up again!! I started off so well with my Project 366 but these last few weeks seem to have passed by in a bit of a blur. Soooooo, carrying on from where we left off at Week 17 our Sunday afternoon was a #FamilyFilmNight with a few […]

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  • Spring fashion for men

    Styling my man . . . {Spring fashion for men}

    It’s so easy when shopping online to check out all the fashions for yourself but it can be fun to look at clothes for your other half and put together style boards. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us with a few dates on the horizon to look forward to so I […]

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  • Lyst

    What’s on your Lyst?

    Nope, that wasn’t a typo! I really did mean to write Lyst, it’s a great new shopping site that I have found which I just know will be a hit amongst the fashion conscious out there. Can you imagine walking into the biggest fashion store you have ever seen and saying, show me everything you […]

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  • #HotterShoes

    The Hotter VIP Treatment

    Last week Hotter Shoes stores across the UK held a special Hotter VIP Evening for their top customers and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend at the Queensgate store event in Peterborough. The event had been organised by Store Manager Danielle who had worked really hard to offer a great VIP experience […]

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  • Crocs

    It’s a Crocs thing!

    Crocs – I’ll admit it, when they first came on the scene I swore I wouldn’t be seen in them but then Hubby and I went on our honeymoon to Venice and Sorrento and everywhere we looked people were wearing them and shops were selling them. We thought to ourselves that they must be comfortable […]

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  • #ComfortConcept

    Hotter gave me #StyleWithASmile

    Last week my Mum, Karin and I had a rare Mums night off and it didn’t involve a bar or a restaurant. Nope, as everyone else was leaving Queensgate in Peterborough we were heading in – it felt slightly odd to be in an empty shopping centre. We were heading for a special blogging event […]

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  • Check out all the Boot-y at Cloggs 1

    Check out all the Boot-y at Cloggs

    I’m not your average ‘chick’ when it comes to a shoe obsession. In fact a drag queen probably walks better in high heels that I do but I do love a good pair of boots. I feel comfortable in boots, safe even. I will wear boots with heels because I feel like they support my […]

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  • Bye Bye Summer! 2

    Bye Bye Summer!

    Just like that, Summer seems to have gone. Dare I admit it, yesterday I put the heating on low for an hour in the afternoon. I tried putting extra layers on but I still felt cold and then when I picked Jelly Bean up, he felt cold too. It’s hard to believe that just two […]

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  • Review: Skribbies Customisable Hi-Top Sneakers 3

    Review: Skribbies Customisable Hi-Top Sneakers

    Do you have a budding little designer in your midst, someone who loves to look good and like to put their own special stamp on their look? Then Skribbies are the perfect shoe for them. Skribbies  are currently available in a choice of three colour ways along with a pack of six brightly coloured pens, […]

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