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Easter Chocolate Tasting Event . . . some blogger’s got to do it!

When you get an email land in your inbox asking if you would like to attend an Easter Tasting Event, let’s face it, you’d have to be crazy not to accept. So last week, I met up with my fellow #QBloggers Laura and Emily at Queensgate Shopping Centre to tickle our tastebuds with Easter chocolate from Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and Thorntons.

#QBlogger Easter

Marks & Spencer

  • Spiketail the Dinosaur – decorated hollow milk chocolate with speckled chocolate dinosaur eggs £6
  • Dark Chocolate Quirky Bunny – hollow decorated egg £10
  • Laid Back Lamb – hand decorated milk chocolate milk egg with white chocolate decoration £15
  • Which Came First? – Single origin Ecuadorian milk and Dominican Republic dark chocolate hollow shells enclosing a gold decorated hollow milk chocolate chicken £20
  • Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs – milk chocolate eggs with a speckled candy shell £1

#QBlogger Easter

John Lewis

#QBlogger Easter

  • Foil Wrapped Eggs in Carry Case – a selection of foil wrapped eggs filled with hazelnut praline, perfect for an Easter egg hunt! £12
  • Butlers Easter Egg Collection – a gorgeous selection of 5 hollow chocolate eggs in a variety of flavours. White chocolate and mixed berry, dark chocolate, almond and orange, 70% dark chocolate, milk chocolate honeycomb crisp and milk chocolate butterscotch £12
  • Happy Jackson ‘Awesome’ Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – milk chocolate hollow egg £12
  • Holdsworth Spring Meadow Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – made from finest 33% milk chocolate egg in a terracotta pot with a packet of wild flower seeds inside £10

#QBlogger Easter


#QBlogger Easter

  • Lemon Meringue Pie White Chocolate Egg – inspired by the sweet and citrus flavours of a classic lemon meringue pie, featuring crunchy meringue, zesty lemon pieces, ripples of creamy Thorntons white chocolate. Accompanied by six dessert chocolates £12
  • Sweet Shop and Fruit Mousse Collection – for those who don’t want an egg. A selection of milk, dark and white chocolates with a variety of fillings £7.50 per box

#QBlogger Easter

My Favourites

In no particular order there were a few chocolates which stood out for me;

  • I started with the Lemon Meringue individual chocolate which came with the Thorntons egg and it was mouth-wateringly good. It has enough zest to awaken your tastebuds with the smooth creaminess of the white chocolate to sweeten it right up.
  • The dark chocolate quirky bunny is made from seriously thick dark chocolate, great those who like to get plenty of chocolate for their money. The dark chocolate is rich and extremely moreish.
  • Spiketail the dinosaurs speckled eggs and the chicky choccy speckled eggs – these taste just as good as the eggs which they look similar to. There’s something about those crispy shells with creamy milk chocolate centre that you just can’t help eating time and time again.
  • Fizzy Lemon and Pineapple Chunk from Thorntons Sweet Shop Collection – I cannot begin to tell you how good these are. The fizzy lemon is seriously, well erm, fizzy and the pineapple chunk is so good I didn’t want to share it with anyone else. It was the one chocolate that we were all thinking sounded a bit weird and all couldn’t get enough of.
  • Butlers Mixed Berry – I’m always a fan of white chocolate and I love most things berry flavoured so this was always going to be a winner for me. I love a slightly crunchy texture and the bite of the berries works so well with the smooth white chocolate.

#QBlogger Easter

The Easter Tasting event was a really fun activity, especially when it came to trying to break the chocolate. It’s interesting to see how everyone approached it; personally I tend to just hit mine with the heal of my hand or on the edge of a table, some opted for spoons or knives and some use their knees. How do you break yours?
#QBlogger Easter


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