Me&Mine – February 2016

February seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye AND it was one day longer than usual . . . not that we seemed to notice the extra day. The Beans have all settled back into school well and all seems to have settled down after a rather disastrous January for one reason or another.

In February we were invited to spend the day at Thomas Land (Drayton Manor) for a very special VIP day along with lots of other lovely bloggers and we had a blast. I don’t actually think it’s possible to have a bad day out at Drayton Manor because there is so much to do and it suits all ages, it’s the perfect day out for our family of mixed ages that’s for sure.

Me&Mine Feb 2016

Whilst up in the VIP rooms of Sodor Airport we found this cool frame and decided that it would form the basis of this month’s ‘Me&Mine’ photograph and I’m really pleased with how well it has turned out.

It’s so lovely to see our little (well, not-so-little) family growing bigger and stronger month on month, their personalities are developing all the time. This month they all seem to be getting along quite well with each other, not too many fall-outs which means for a less stressful atmosphere for Daddy and I. We aren’t daft, we know this phase won’t last but we shall certainly make the most of it whilst we can.

The most noticeable change for us this month as been Jelly Bean and his #problemswithpoop as he seems to have settled down well with his issues. We have managed to drop his medication by one whole dose each day and he is still ‘going’ daily without any stress. It’s only baby steps but that works well for me. Fingers crossed we will sort it this year!

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