Top 3 Nutrition Apps for 2018

In March 2018, Under Armour announced that over the month of February of this year, approximately one hundred and fifty million MyFitnessPal users had their accounts hacked into and their data stolen. Fortunately, the data captured by the hackers consisted only of the users’ names and email address. There were no claims according to which … Read more

Chaperhome: New mobile app to alert you if your kids need help


Chaperhome, for that time in every parents life where we need to allow our children the freedom to spread their wings and venture from home without our guidance and supervision. For Will that has been for a number of years now, he has his mobile phone so we have a means of contact but asking … Read more

Handy Helpers: Practical Apps No Mum Should Be Without


Mums are expert organizers. Between feeding and carting around their brood, juggling school obligations with chores, on top of their already demanding work schedules, they’ve got multitasking down like the strategic art it is. But, even supermum needs some help sometimes. Here are some apps that’ll help you keep track of everything, and maybe, help … Read more

Breakthrough app helps prevent cyberbullying


Gallery Guardian is the first app that helps parents safeguard their children from cyberbullying by alerting them when illicit images are being shared or received on their smartphones or tablets. Gallery Guardian today announces its official launch on the Apple and Google Play Stores: the safeguarding app that helps parents keep their children safe while … Read more

Job Of A Lifetime For Budding YouTubers

Digital Kids Show

Does your child dream of being the next Dermot O’Leary? No don’t be daft, X Factor is old hat for kids these days, they’re much more likely to want to be the next Joe Sugg or DanTDM. Well now thanks to an exciting competition created by the Digital Kids Show, three young people could be … Read more