Your future is in the palm of your hand

Growing up, I have always been interested in the spiritual side of life. My Mum and my aunts are very spiritual, so I guess I just followed suit. I have my own tarot cards, dowsing pendulum and crystals, but I take it all very rationally. I use it all as ‘advice’ rather than the gospel.

At times in my life when I find myself at a crossroads or am finding it hard to make a decision, I have used the spiritual world to offer me guidance (though I haven’t always followed what it says).

Your future is in the palm of your hand

This week I downloaded an app called Palmistry HD onto my phone and tried out the free Palmistry report. It is the first time that I have tried a digital version of anything vaguely spiritual, so I was a little dubious.

Palmistry HD

When you first click on the app, you have an option to select Palm Reading or Daily Horoscope. I selected Palm Reading. On the next screen, you are asked if you are male or female as it reads the left hand for females and the right for males. You need to give permission for the app to access your camera and then position your palm under the phone to match up with the hand on the screen. The app took a photo of my palm, and within a few minutes, my report was ready to read.

Palmistry HD

Personalised Report

My report began with Managing Expectations and Validating Viewpoints then is divided into four sectors; Love and Relationships, Fitness and Health, Success and Happiness and Career and Money. I am unsure whether the first two sections of the report would be different titles for other users.

Palmistry HD

Too True

The majority of the report has got me spot on;

  • It says that whilst people have their own opinions of others, I choose to take the time to stop and take people at face value, to see for myself who they are and what makes them tick.
  • I have good intentions towards my health and fitness, but I sometimes struggle with its reality. This couldn’t have been more right at the moment. I have only managed two sessions at the gym so far this year. I had hoped I would get back to at least 3-4 sessions per week, but I’m finding it hard to fit in on top of everything else. I had started to eat clean again, but then I stumbled upon my Christmas chocolate stash (of which there was a LOT, and I couldn’t help myself).
  • To expand my potential, Palmistry HD suggests I need to read more, a goal I have already set for myself this year. I have all the books, all the downloads and information. Now, I need to carve out the time to read it.
Palmistry HD

Not quite

There were only two parts that Palmistry HD didn’t get right;

  • Apparently, I have dreams of being self-employed but haven’t managed to make it a reality yet. It says that I am not destined to follow a traditional 9-5 career path (so true), but of course, in truth, I have been self-employed since I started writing this blog.
  • According to the report, I am in the pursuit of love – very happily married for ten years, so there will be no further pursuit of love other than that I already have.

Would I recommend Palmistry HD?

Absolutely! The app is straightforward to navigate and read, I liked the graphics, and the information is mostly correct, apart from the two points I mentioned above. The free report is obviously quite basic, but you can pay for an upgrade if you would like a more in-depth report.

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