Handy Helpers: Practical Apps No Mum Should Be Without


Mums are expert organizers. Between feeding and carting around their brood, juggling school obligations with chores, on top of their already demanding work schedules, they’ve got multitasking down like the strategic art it is. But, even supermum needs some help sometimes. Here are some apps that’ll help you keep track of everything, and maybe, help … Read more

Top 5 things to do on your mobile phone . . .

Nokia Lumia

Everywhere you look these days there will be at least one person near you with a mobile phone in their hand. I often look and wonder what they might be doing on their mobile phone, are they simply texting, reading emails, are they playing games, reading books, listening to music . . . the possibilities are endless. My … Read more

MobiData – saves you money, keeps you connected, keeps you secure online!

MobiData – saves you money, keeps you connected, keeps you secure online! 1

If someone were to ask you what you would like from your Mobile Broadband, what would you say? Low cost High speed Secure connection Reliability No long-term contracts Well now your prayers have been answered because MobiData is here offering you exactly that! MobiData offers you ultra-low cost mobile broadband from just 99p/GB per month … Read more

Why the internet is this ‘Mum’s best friend’

Why the internet is this ‘Mum’s best friend’ 2

For modern Mums like myself, the internet is a necessity. I use the internet EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I use it to check my emails, to manage the family diary, pay bills and even to do my grocery shop. I check up on symptoms when one of us is poorly in the middle of the night (although I … Read more

Windows 8 Phone and lunch with Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby

The last time I had my hands on the new Windows 8 Phone was at it’s launch before Christmas when I was heavily pregnant with Jelly Bean. I had been impressed with the phone at the time and remember tweeting that my current Samsung Galaxy S2 just wasn’t quite cutting the mustard for me anymore. … Read more