• Fed up with soggy sandwiches?? 1

    Fed up with soggy sandwiches??

    I hated having a packed lunch when i was at school, everything just seemed warm and squashed and not how food should be. Recently Little Bean has been complaining that her sandwiches weren’t nice. When i asked her why she would say “they keep getting wet!”. That was when i realised there was a problem […]

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  • Our first ‘pleasant’ meal out as a family of 6! 2

    Our first ‘pleasant’ meal out as a family of 6!

    Eating out as a family should be a pleasurable experience, I’ve no doubt that many families take it for granted when they take their children out to a nice restaurant and order their food from the menu. On Friday we made our way into Peterborough so that Hubby could have his eyes tested and we […]

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  • Why wait for Pancake Day?! 3

    Why wait for Pancake Day?!

    Every now and then I stumble across a meal that my fussy eater Little Bean is willing to try and actually ends up loving, pancakes are one such meal that Little Bean dared to try and fell in love with. If she has been a particularly good girl or if I want great behaviour from […]

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  • One step forward . . . Fussy Eater 4

    One step forward . . . Fussy Eater

    The journey to food heaven with my fussy eater Lillie trudges ever slowly forward. In the last couple of weeks I have been trying a little experiment with her to see if I can get her to eat new foods and bit by bit it has been working. Parenting Advice With the help of Lorna […]

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  • Cow & Gate Fridge-friendly Growing Up Milk

    This is a review post, all words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I was sent a 1ltr carton of Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk for the purpose of this post. Having fussy eaters like I do, I have to make sure that they are getting their […]

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  • The food battles continue . . .

    I HATE MEALTIMES! It’s funny how before you become a parent you have all these rose-tinted visions of how your life as a parent is going to be. For me it was playtime and picnics in the park, long walks on the beach and relaxed camping holidays. I never really considered what it would be […]

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