Oh to have a baby that eats – My beautiful Fussy Eater

Like most new mums I kind of envisaged that the major problems that I would have to face would be sleepless nights, tantrums and teething, not once did being a fussy eater cross my mind.

I never gave it a thought about weaning onto solids – I had my plan, I’d bought all the Annabelle Karmel cookbooks, bought the blender and made the decision I shall not be feeding my baby food from jars, she will eat lovely fresh organic foods that I will prepare myself – right? WRONG!!!!

My Fussy Eater

My Fussy Eater

I began trying to wean Baby Bean at 6 months just like the books say! We started with baby rice, refused it! Rusks, refused it! Pureed apple, refused it! Pureed carrot, refused it! We worked our way through everything that was suggested in books and on websites but to no avail! Baby Bean had different ideas.

We persisted as I had read that babies sometimes need to try things at least 15 times before they liked them but not my Baby Bean. By the age of 8 months when all her friends were on proper solids, she was just starting to think that yoghurt was quite nice – finally, my fussy eater tried something and liked it!!

Trying something new

We got all excited and started to try her again on everything that I had painstakingly cooked and stored in the freezer but apparently she STILL wasn’t keen on my cooking.

By about 9 months I caved in and bought some jars of food and she took a liking to Beef Casserole and Pasta Bolognese but only the ones out of the jar, not the ones that me or Hubby cooked!

A Texture Thing?

Baby Bean is now 15 months old and has just started to accept Weetabix for breakfast (warm or cold), but when it comes to the rest of her food she will still only eat Stage 1 jars, strictly no lumps for my girl apparently! We’ve tried every form of finger foods but she’s still not keen. She’ll have the odd lick of a gingerbread man or breadstick but the moment a bit breaks off into her mouth she starts gagging and promptly hands it back to me!

Lunchtime dramas

When we go out to lunch with our friends I sit staring at their toddlers in awe as they eat anything and everything that is put in front of them!! I can’t wait for the day that Baby Bean will eat a proper meal. When I look to my Mum for some reassurance she just tells me, “you were exactly the same – good luck!”. Apparently my food of choice was Weetabix, cucumber and puddings only! Well, I turned out ok though some might still call me a fussy eater, I’ll eat most things these days – unless it’s moving!

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