My Child Won’t Eat!

Have you spent days, weeks and months agonising over your child’s eating habits (or lack of, more to the point!). I have, if you go back through my blog you will see endless posts on how my daughter has never really taken to eating much. She was great at breastfeeding, although she never really followed … Read more

My girl’s got issues . . .

Family, friends and regular readers will know the problems that we have gone through with Little Bean and food.  I thought we were getting somewhere but I’m seriously starting to think my girl’s got issues, big issues!! To bring you up to speed, despite attempting to wean her at 6 months as per the Health … Read more

Life is a rollercoaster!

Life is a rollercoaster – isn’t that what Ronan Keating said in his song a few years back? That’s how I feel at the moment, the past 20 months have been mental, so much has happened. First off we had an ectopic pregnancy, closely followed by a missed miscarriage which resulted in surgery – stressful … Read more

The speech therapist is impressed – bye bye Baby Bean, hello Little Bean!

Speech Therapist - Little Bean

I’ve got some exciting news to share! Over the past couple of weeks, something remarkable has happened in our household. Baby Bean, or should I say, our newly crowned Little Bean, has taken her first steps into the world of adult food. While her palate may not be entirely focused on fruits and veggies just … Read more