And the Speech Therapist says . . . .

We have been seeking help for Baby Bean with her eating. The Speech Therapist says the only problem she has is – HERSELF!!! Yippeeee!! NOT!! I don’t know if that’s good news or not?

Brilliant . . . I think?

Of course, I’m pleased that there is nothing physically wrong with Baby Bean but I can’t say being told that your daughter is basically just downright awkward doesn’t make me feel miles better either!

The Speech Therapist says

Putting on a show

We talked through everything that she eats in a day (or rather – everything she refuses to eat in a day) and then gave her some lunch. To begin with, I could have screamed because she totally showed me up by happily eating the food that I put in front of her as if to say “there’s nothing wrong with me” I sat, embarrassed, saying “she doesn’t normally eat like this” – how daft does that sound, almost apologising for your child eating nicely?!?!?

That’s my girl

However, as the second course and my reliable NON-EATER returned!! Hooray, the arms waved around like they were directing air traffic, “no, no, no” became the words of the moment and then the tears started, oh yes she was in full Baby Bean flow. So I calmly said “ok dinnertime is finished” and that was the end of that.

Strap yourself in Mum

Afterwards, we returned to the lounge where we discussed my little bundle of joy further and the verdict was delivered – “you’re going to have your hands full with this one, she’s just very headstrong” – great, thanks for your words of comfort.

I am a good Mum

She did, however, say that I’m doing a great job as a mummy, I’m a good role model, I show great patience with her and I’ve raised a beautiful little girl. Now what Mummy doesn’t want to hear this? Even when you know deep down that you’re doing a great job, just for those few moments I revelled in being a great mummy I forgot about the fact that Little Miss Stubborn was sat only a few centimetres from me.

You see what Little Miss Stubborn doesn’t realise is that I too used to be Little Miss Stubborn but I have a good 30 something years experience on her so she’s got a good bit of competition ahead of her! Watch this space . . . . . . .

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