Wow, this is big . . .

Did the title of this post tease you a little bit?  How many dirty-minded people out there were expecting something else?  Go on be honest!  Seriously though, this is big!!!!!

This is BIG!

At Little School today, Little Bean, baked and decorated her own Valentines biscuit.

10022011 004

When your child is a fussy eater, people tell you to get them to help you prepare food, to bake, to cook with them and just get them involved with food.  I’ve tried this, oh how I have tried. 

Baking at preschool

Little Bean loves baking, she loves helping Mummy but not once in our times in the kitchen has she sampled any of the food at the end.  So when I was presented with this biscuit today I didn’t hold out much hope of her tucking in.  It did actually look better than this, it had chocolate drops on too but my little chocoholic didn’t let them sit still long enough for me to take a picture. 

I told her that she could eat her biscuit when she had finished her dinner, fully expecting the usual answer “no thank you, you eat it” but she didn’t, she said “ok”.  Maybe I’d heard her wrong?

Did she just?

10022011 007

No, I didn’t – look I have photographic evidence!! I must admit it took a little coaxing to begin with because she complained that it was “too sticky” but I told her that getting sticky was fine, just like when she does painting we can wash it all away.  Again, I didn’t have faith that this would encourage her but it did.  The lure of the chocolate strands was too much for her and she gave in.  After a few tentative bites, she finished the whole lot!  I did manage one bite and it wasn’t half bad!

I’m so proud of my Little Bean, that was a big step today beautiful girl xx

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