Hallelujah!!! Baby Bean finally feeds herself!

We really could be heading for a breakthrough, day by day Baby Bean’s eating is getting better. Over the last week she has started eating dry toast, breadsticks and croissants – not exactly exciting but at least she has to chew it and put some effort in. Poor baby is cutting 4, YES 4!!!! teeth at the moment so I think she’d happily munch on a breadstick from morning till night.

We had our meeting with the speech therapist last week which went really well – we are going to start trying the new foods next week BUT this week I decided to try Baby Bean with a shiny new bowl, plate and spoon combo to see if it would give her a bit of enthusiasm at the table and . . . . . . . 

Baby Bean


As you can probably tell from state of her bib, her aim was a little off target to begin
with - thankfully the blueberry puree DID come out of the curtains!! PHEW!!!

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