Fussy Eater – it’s not getting easier

Baby Bean is now 19 months old and STILL not eating properly! This weekend has been a particularly bad one where she has hardly eaten a bean, literally just having a bit of Weetabix for breakfast, one jar of banana puree and her bottle of milk at bedtime!!!!

Fussy Eater

Earlier in the week, she went to the nursery and I nearly fell over when they said that she had eaten 5, yes 5!!! mouthfuls of pasta and vegetables. Admittedly much of it was down her front and arms but I really didn’t care, I thought maybe this could be the start of something but so far no!

As a family, we had a lovely roast dinner today and put in a bowl a few pieces of vegetables for Baby Bean to perhaps try?!? But she wouldn’t even have the bowl on the table of her highchair, if we leave it on there she just pushes it straight off onto the floor.

In my mind, I tell myself that it won’t be this way forever but actually that doesn’t make me feel any better at the moment but having a fussy eater is hard. She isn’t unhealthy and she is very active, we are seeing Paediatricians, Dieticians and Speech Therapists who all say they are not overly worried about her and that basically, they think she is just awkward but I still feel like I have failed each time I sit down at the dinner table with her and another meal goes uneaten.

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  1. She likes her chocolate though lol! I know, not a balanced diet but she will get there eventually, at least you dont try and force feed her like some! I have been lucky in that both mine have eaten well at this age, but B at age 5 was a nightmare so I know the feeling a little. I hope it does pass for Baby Bean like it did for B!

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