Setting up our Tetra AquaArt Explorer 30L Aquarium

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As a family, we have been keeping tropical fish for three to four years now but to date have only had a very small 8L aquarium. I wanted to be sure that the children would help to take good care of the fish before we dared to try something bigger and happy in the knowledge that the children are good with the fish, I was very happy to accept the chance to work with Tetra in reviewing their Aqua Art Explorer 30L aquarium.

Tetra AquaArt Explorer

Tetra AquaArt Explorer 30L

The Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line aquarium set combines modern design with state-of-the art equipment and is easy and convenient to maintain, allowing you to create your own fascinating underwater world. The tank’s 5-watt LED light gives off a natural light inside the aquarium, while the highly effective Tetra EasyCrystal Filter adds the finishing touch to this complete set and provides a perfect environment for both fish and plants.

First Thoughts

When we were asked if we would like to review this aquarium, we were very excited. This is over three times the size of our current aquarium and the curved front means you can have a good view of your fish all around. Our new aquarium stands in the corner of our kitchen underneath the mounted cabinets so the fish tank provides a light source in an otherwise dark corner as well as a beautiful, moving focal point in the room.

Unboxing the Tetra AquaArt Explorer

Tetra AquaArt Explorer

As you can see from the video below, Albie was my trusty assistant in unboxing the new Tetra aquarium. Don’t be afraid to let your children help you, the more involved they can be from the outset will encourage them to take care of the fish in the long term. Albie is 5 years old and is very adept at helping to care for our fish.

What’s in the box?

  • 30L Aquarium 180° curved front pane that forms an attractive “Half Moon” design
  • High-quality, transparent cover made from acrylic resin with a built-in feeding hatch
  • Innovative EasyCrystal filter technology
  • Long-lasting and powerful 5-watt LED lighting with low power consumption
  • Comes complete with feed and water care products
  • Aquarium decor background

Setting up

Tetra AquaArt Explorer

We carefully removed all items from the box and placed all packaging in the recycling then began by assembling the EasyCrystal filter by connecting the hook to the back and then positioning it on the flat back surface of the aquarium and then inserting the filter foam in the front grooves with the word front-facing forwards and the Crystal filter pad behind it with the green side facing the filter foam. The LED light attaches by clipping it over the back of the tank and tightening the knobs on the back to secure it in place.

We later decided to buy plain black aquarium decor background and black gravel to really make the colours of the fish and decorations stand out. Albie chose a Chinese Arch and a selection of artificial plants to decorate the tank which all look beautiful and fit well with the red theme of our kitchen.

Tetra AquaArt Explorer

After adding our gravel, water and decorations we added the Tetra Aquasafe which neutralises harmful substances in the water such as chlorine which is dangerous to fish. Our aquarium is now ready for some new fish.

Tropical -v- Goldfish

This tank is advertised as a ‘goldfish’ tank because the set does not come with a heater. Personally, we prefer tropical fish to goldfish, though goldfish are generally a very good first fish for children. We had goldfish for 2-3 years before making the switch to tropical. All that we have needed to do with this set is purchase a water heater that sits next to the water filter to keep a flow of warm water circulating in the tank.

Come back soon to find out how we got on choosing and adding our fish . . .


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  1. The Aquarium looks so wonderful, love everything about it, looks so real. I would love to check out something like this, my kids love watching and caring for fishes.

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