8 tips for travelling with children

Family Travel

Travelling with your children, no matter what age, always requires lots of preparation and planning. It’s really important to consider your child’s needs when travelling, as they are often quite different from our own. From toilet stops to wearing the right clothing, if you follow the right steps and cross everything off the list, you … Read more

Getting set for Summer at the Queensgate #QBlogger Event


Long before I moved to Peterborough in 2012 I remember coming shopping to Queensgate with my Mum. The overall look of the Centre hasn’t changed that much over the years, new shops have come and gone, the clock was moved and there are more ‘Pop-Up shops’ on the lower mall but it’s still the place I remember … Read more

Vango Wins ‘Best Family Product’ Award

Vango Starwalker Junior

Being keen campers with children I was happy to hear that Vango had won an award for ‘Best Family Product’. We are big fans of Vango as our first tent (which we still have) is a Vango and most definitely the best tent that we have ever had with so much attention to detail. It … Read more

DisneyLife for snuggles, relaxation and nostalgia


Introducing DisneyLife app Being Mummy to four little people is the PERFECT excuse to watch Disney movies so I didn’t need asking twice when offered the opportunity to review  app. In case you haven’t come across it yet, DisneyLife is a unique digital membership service which gives you access to the largest collection of Disney entertainment … Read more

Sleep like a baby – Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat Review plus Giveaway!

Elektra Cloud9

When Little Bean was a baby I remember having the discussion with other Mums about where their children would nap during the daytime. From about 6 weeks old all of my Beans had their daytime naps upstairs in their cots so that they weren’t disturbed and I have to say I have been lucky since … Read more

How to Pack for a Family Vacation

What to Pack

When it’s time to go on vacation with the family, mom usually tells all the kids (including dad!) to make sure they pack their bags and get ready to go days in advance. It’s usually up to mom to see that everyone has clean underwear, socks, shoes and any sporting or outerwear they may need … Read more