• Terrible twos

    Oh hello Terrible Twos, I forgot you were due!

    Take a look at this oh-so-cute smiley little boy and you’d be forgiven for thinking he was a little angel wouldn’t you, like butter wouldn’t melt! Hahahaha that’s the best joke ever!!!!! This little monkey is seriously testing my resolve at the moment, he turned two at the end of January and he is now […]

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  • Bicycle

    Saturday Snippets – 16.05.2015

    {Listening} to The Enormous Crocodile through the baby monitor whilst Jelly Bean is supposed to be sleeping. I say supposed to be since he was sleeping nicely until Hubby decided to start drilling and woke him up. {Eating} Peanut M&Ms – I really need to get back to healthy eating and exercise but I’ve lost […]

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  • birthday boy

    Jelly Bean turns two – yes really!

    It can’t really be two years since he was born can it? Who pressed fast forward on life because I swear it has never gone faster than these past (nearly) 7 years since I became a Mummy. Jelly Bean is the cherry on the top of our family pie, he came along to complete our […]

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  • Saturday Snippets

    Saturday Snippets – 24th January 2015

    {Watching} – Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters with the Hubby. It certainly not the story that I knew but it’s a mildly amusing film with some very bizarre witches and a lovely troll! {Eating} – Moser Roth Caramel Chocolate from Aldi. I am supposed to be back on my healthy eating kick BUT I keep […]

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  • A&E

    First A&E trip for 2015 – CHECK!

    When I asked Jelly Bean this morning what he wanted to do with Mummy whilst his sister and brother were at school, I didn’t really have a trip to A&E in mind but that is exactly where we ended up. Do you something, before having children I think I could probably count my visits to […]

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  • Mummy Matters

    When parenting goes wrong

    Today started off really well, I woke up feeling good and the children seemed to be in really good spirits. My cousin was coming to visit for the day and we were looking forward to going out for lunch and having a catch-up. The children were really excited when M came, they played nicely in […]

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  • Who are you and what have you done with my son?

    Dear Little Man posing as my gorgeous brown eyed Beanie Boy, Don’t get me wrong you’re really cute and everything and every now and then I think I start to see a hint of my boy peeking through but I just need to ask, who are you? And, what have you done with my son? […]

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  • Friday the 13th! Indeed it is!?!?!?

    What a crap day it has been today, all I can say is thank goodness its nearly bedtime because then it will soon be tomorrow, depending on how many times Beanie Boy is going to wake me up in the night. Yesterday I made arrangements with Cafebebe to meet up with her and Little Miss […]

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  • 123/365 – Quality Time

    Over the last week or so Little Bean hasn’t been quite my little angel, I’m fully aware that she is still in the realms of the Terrible Twos but I have been more worried by her behaviour towards her baby brother.  She has been the model big sister since Beanie Boy completed our family, if […]

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