Saturday Snippets – 16.05.2015

{Listening} to The Enormous Crocodile through the baby monitor whilst Jelly Bean is supposed to be sleeping. I say supposed to be since he was sleeping nicely until Hubby decided to start drilling and woke him up.

{Eating} Peanut M&Ms – I really need to get back to healthy eating and exercise but I’ve lost my mojo in that regard at the moment and unfortunately you can tell in my clothes since they are all a little on the tight side at the moment.


{Proud} that Lillie Bean has finally grasped riding her own bike without stabilisers. I say her own bike because she has been able to ride our neighbours’ son’s bike for over a year without stabilisers but his is much smaller than hers. She received her bike last year for her birthday and we suggested we order a slightly larger one that she could grow into since I was convinced she would grow out of a smaller size too quickly and it would be a waste of money. She is OVER.THE.MOON with herself today and riding around outside with Beanie Boy and their friends very happily. I think she will love getting out there this Summer and I don’t think Beanie Boy will be far behind with his efforts. He always wants to do whatever his big sister is doing.

{Feeling} tired. I have had a large work project on since the beginning of April as well as Hubby’s birthday, my Mum’s birthday and my birthday and I feel completely shattered. I finished the bulk of it this week and I swear I went to bed feeling about a stone lighter with the pressure off my shoulders. I’m looking forward to getting my focus back onto my family and this blog.

{Curly} has his first exam on Monday but he is with his Mum this weekend so we had to give him all our pep talks when we saw him on Wednesday. He’s had a mixed year at school this year, a bit of a rollercoaster of behaviour and emotions so I really hope he is able to keep in his concentration and knuckle down for his exams.

{Little Bean} hasn’t been on top form for the last few weeks, her behaviour has been quite erratic along with her temper. She is sleeping well but her eating issues seem to be stepping up a gear. On the plus side they tell me at school that she is an absolute star and can’t do enough to help people and make them happy so I am very grateful for that. She is cutting one of her molars which gives her a little discomfort every now and then so perhaps that has something to do with her behaviour?

{Beanie Boy} asks me almost daily when he will be going to ‘big school’ now. He is totally ready for it and really looking forward to it. I was pleased to find out that he would be going to school with one of his best friends, a boy who he has known through play group and preschool for some time now and who is a lovely young boy. I hope they will remain firm friends throughout school.

{Jelly Bean} is definitely working the ‘terrible twos’. He can go from being the sweetest little boy giving hugs and kisses to being an absolute terror throwing the biggest tantrums and huffing and puffing around the house when things don’t go his way. He is by far the worst of the Beans for the terrible twos status!! He wins the medal hands down!!!

Saturday Snippets

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