Who are you and what have you done with my son?

Mummy Matters Dear Little Man posing as my gorgeous brown eyed Beanie Boy,

Don’t get me wrong you’re really cute and everything and every now and then I think I start to see a hint of my boy peeking through but I just need to ask, who are you? And, what have you done with my son?

When my Beanie Boy was born he was the most laid-back and chilled out baby I had come across. Little Bean was a content baby but Beanie Boy were on a different level, nothing really phased him he was just happy to sit back and watch the world around him. Even as he began to crawl, talk and walk, he was still the same happy-go-lucky little chap that everyone knew and loved but recently I’ve been seeing less of him and more of you. You look the same, you have the same heart-melting eyes, the same cheeky/devilish grin and fab sense of humour but seriously, you need to chill out. When you see me preparing your meals/bottles, do you really need to shout and scream for it? The fact that I am already preparing it should be some indication of the fact that soon your hunger will be satisfied.

Do you have to get so upset about which juice cup you are drinking from? I mean, honestly do we really need to use 5 cups in one day? They all do the same thing.

And what’s with the whole throwing yourself on the floor thing? I seem to remember Little Bean tried that once or twice but once she realised I wasn’t bothered, she stopped. You clearly have my stubborn streak because no matter how many times or for how long I ignore your tantrums they just keep on coming.

I’m also not very happy about the way you keep shouting “no” at everyone. I realise that I have had to say “no” to you quite a few times but you’re really starting to take the Michael now and I for one am sick of hearing it, especially when you are so aggressive with it too.

Little Bean is also less pleased since your arrival, she prefers the old Beanie Boy too. He would play nicely with her, he wouldn’t pull her hair or slap her around the face. I know that for a while she was a little bit mean to him but moving out and sending you as a replacement was a bit harsh.

Like I say, we do all love you soooooooo much,  but we would really like it if you could send back our calm, relaxed Beanie Boy – he was super cool!

Love to you always, whichever boy you are

Mummy xx

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