First A&E trip for 2015 – CHECK!

When I asked Jelly Bean this morning what he wanted to do with Mummy whilst his sister and brother were at school, I didn’t really have a trip to A&E in mind but that is exactly where we ended up. Do you something, before having children I think I could probably count my visits to A&E on one hand but since the Beans have come into our lives, I feel like I have a season ticket and am nearly on first name terms with half of the staff. I may even get invited to their Christmas party next year.

Ok so maybe that’s a little bit over-dramatic of me, they haven’t been that bad but what is it with children. Up until now I have felt quite proud of the fact that I haven’t had to do the visit to A&E to say my child has a “pea” stuck up their nose or {insert any other inanimate object} up their nose/in their ear! Last week, Jelly Bean was complaining that his ear hurt and after initially panicking as we had seen him with a couple of Hama Beads in his hand and putting two and two together we assumed they were firmly wedged in his ear canal. As it turned out he had a minor ear infection as a result of his flu bug over Christmas.

Last night as I was getting him ready for bed in his dimly lit bedroom I noticed his nostril looked a little congested so I did the ‘Mum thing’ and tried to pick his nose for him (why do we do that?!?!?! It’s sooooo gross) but I decided that it was too far back and would have to wait until it had worked it’s way down a little overnight.


This morning as we walked around Tesco and was doing our usual messing about in the trolley, me tickling and him throwing his head back in fits of giggles I suddenly spotted a flash of pink up his nose and grabbed his head to hold him still. Low and behold, the congestion was a piece of Little Bean’s Lego which he had snaffled from her room. A couple walking past gave me an odd look and so I said “Lego up his nose” to which they laughed initially and then offered words of advice. They said that I would be best to take him to the Nurse at the Surgery rather than trying myself as I could just push it further up so I took their advice and popped to the Surgery. To my disappointment the Nurse said that she didn’t feel comfortable doing it either as she didn’t want to risk causing more damage than harm so she told me to take him to A&E.

A short trip to Stamford later and another giggle from the Receptionist there who said “don’t worry we get it all the time”. Thankfully we were seen almost straight away and to my amazement Jelly Bean sat perfectly still whilst the Nurse removed the offending object from his nose whereupon he said “fank you lady”. Her heart melted right there and then so she presented him with one of those ‘Hospital Bears’ (we have had one in every colour now!) which in my mind was telling him “hey kid, if you want a new Teddy just stick a piece of Lego up your nose and Mummy will bring you right back here!!”.

Now I wonder if Little Bean will want her Lego back when I tell her where it’s been?!

10 thoughts on “First A&E trip for 2015 – CHECK!”

  1. Aww boys will be boys! Im sure they do it just to keep it on our toes! :O haha Bit of trivia – did you know that the Mason’s fund and provide those bears?! My Dad is one of the organisers for our local hospitals – my little boy received the yellow one from him when he was born and he still sleeps with him every night nearly 5 years later! 😀

    • You’re right there Paula, boys are a totally different breed!! No I didn’t know that. My daughter used to have a pink one but I haven’t seen it for ages. It is probably quietly nestled in one of her many bags!!! Thank you for commenting 🙂

    • Thank you and a Happy New Year to you too. I honestly had begun to feel a little smug that I had made it this far without one of mine sticking something in their ear/nose etc but nope, Jelly Bean just had to knock it didn’t he! 😉

  2. Little devil! I can remember Roo putting Play Doh and a tiny pom pom (separate occasions) up her nose, thankfully retrieved with some tweezers

    • The worst I had done before was to retrieve a Haribo wrapper from up Beanie Boy’s nose, I think it hurt him so much he decided it wasn’t his best idea and never tried it again. My fear that Jelly Bean’s Lego was round was that it didn’t hurt him AND he got a teddy for his efforts so will be looking for his next ‘object’ very soon! According to the Nurse in A&E I could have done it at home by holding the other side of his nose closed and sealing my mouth around his and giving a short, sharp blow but honestly I think that’s just gross!

  3. Oh no what a nightmare!! I am waiting for one of ours to do something like this – thankfully it hasn’t happened yet! Good job you managed to spot it!

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