• Best friends Knitted toys

    Best Years Fair Trade Knitted Toy Giveaway

    In a household with four children, we know toys. We know what kids love and what quickly gets pushed to one side. The one thing that has often surprised me is how much children still gravitate towards the more traditional toys, not the battery operated plastic ones but those with more attention to detail. At […]

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  • When Albie unleashed new Crate Creatures Blizz

    As if Albie couldn’t be monstrous enough on his own, he has now unleashed a new ferocious friend upon the house to add to the trouble. Crate Creatures New from MGA Entertainment comes a group of gruesome looking guys by the name of Crate Creatures Surprise. With their grizzly faces, glowing eyes, squirting snot and […]

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  • It’s #NationalTeddyBearDay on Saturday 9th September

    All of our Beans had their first Teddy Bear before they even took their first breaths and they still love their bears as much today as they did when they were little. Each one of the Beans has quite the collection of teddy bears but each bear holds it’s own special relationship with them and […]

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  • You can’t beat Boots this Christmas! 1

    You can’t beat Boots this Christmas!

    You can’t beat Boots this Christmas, they have such a huge range of Christmas Gifts to suit every member of the family, always at great prices and with some really good offers. Who can resist their 3 for 2 offers? You can start shopping early too since the 3 for 2 Mix & Match offers […]

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  • A new name for Bagpuss? 2

    A new name for Bagpuss?

    Whilst playing with her big brother Curly in his bedroom at the weekend, Little Bean stumbled across one of Curly’s old cuddlies who I am sure needs no introduction!! The pink stripes and big blue eyes were too much of a pull for Little Bean and so when Curly saw how attached she had become, […]

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  • 060/366 – The kindness of others

    Tonight my Mum came home from work with a bag full of brand new Winnie the Pooh and friends cuddlies all wearing their pyjamas (Eeyore fell off the table!). A lovely lady who works with Mum sent them to see if our children would like them, how kind is that? All our children LOVE cuddlies, […]

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