A new name for Bagpuss?


Whilst playing with her big brother Curly in his bedroom at the weekend, Little Bean stumbled across one of Curly’s old cuddlies who I am sure needs no introduction!! The pink stripes and big blue eyes were too much of a pull for Little Bean and so when Curly saw how attached she had become, he told her she could keep Bagpuss.

A few hours later Little Bean came to me still cradling Bagpuss and said, “Mummy I’m going to give him a new name, he’s going to be Goodpuss not Badpuss because he’s not naughty”. I had to laugh and although I tried to explain that his name was ‘Bagpuss’  not ‘Badpuss’ she insisted from now on he shall be called ‘Goodpuss’. You have to love the mindset of a 4 year old!!

(Is it just me or does anyone else think that Bagpuss looks like Churchill in drag?)

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