• Skegness

    The last week of the Summer Holidays

    The end of the Summer holidays always fills me with mixed emotions. On the one hand I’m generally quite sad that they are coming to an end because it means that I will lose my playmates as they head back to the classroom and I will miss them. On the other hand I’m generally starting […]

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  • Kite

    Let’s go fly a kite . . .

    I have no idea where the time has gone over the last couple of weeks, we have been so busy dashing here and there that although I have taken lots of pictures (it’s the law!!) I haven’t had time to commit them to the blog so it’s catch up time . . . A couple […]

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  • ‘SO’ much fun in Skegness!! 2

    ‘SO’ much fun in Skegness!!

    Last weekend we all jumped in the family wagon and set off in the direction of the sunny Skegness to stay with our friends and see what the So Festival had to offer. Although I have visited Skegness many times since moving to Peterborough over 10 years ago for day trips here and there, this […]

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  • Look out Butlins here we come! 3

    Look out Butlins here we come!

    It feels like forever since our last family holiday. We only managed to get away for a week’s holiday a few miles from home last year because Hubby’s work kept cancelling his holidays, so it’s no small thing that we are looking forward to our first family holiday to Butlins in June. Before moving here […]

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  • 029/366 – First trip to the seaside for 2012!

    Today we ventured over to Skegness to spend the day with our friends and had a really lovely day, MumtoC cooked us a gorgeous wholesome stew to fuel us up ready for our rather bracing walk on the beach. Despite all being really well wrapped up (Little Bean would not wear a hat, or her […]

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