Splash Waterworld at Butlins Skegness is . . . 1

Splash Waterworld at Butlins Skegness is . . .

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!! I must admit I’m not normally a big ‘swimming’ person, I hate getting cold and I used to secretly like it when Albie screamed at the idea of getting in a cold swimming pool because meant that I had an excuse to sit it out. That said, I have never stopped the children swimming and up until halfway through my pregnancy with Albie, I was still taking Ollie swimming every week.

Splash Waterworld

I had heard great things about Splash Waterworld at Butlins in Skegness so I was actually quite excited about the idea of getting stuck in, even Albie seemed quite happy now that he has finally become happy with baths at home. Unfortunately my photographs aren’t the best as it was dark when I took them just as the pool was closing but they will give you some idea.

Graduated Entry Pool

Splash Waterworld

This was a great pool to sit in the shallows with Albie whilst Simon splashed around with Lillie and Ollie.  I have always found the pools with graduated entry are best for building up confidence in nervous swimmers.

Luxury Loungers

Splash Waterworld

All around the pools were these great loungers which were super comfortable. The Kiddy Slides that you can see in the corner area in the children’s pool which is BRILLIANT! Lillie and Ollie LOVED these so much we lost count of how many times they went down them. They are great for building up the little ones’ confidence.

The Cave

Splash Waterworld

The cave was a great place to be, it felt really cosy and Albie loved the twinkly lights in the ceiling. It didn’t actually ‘rain’ in there whilst we were there but there is a loop in the roof with holes in it which lead me to believe that it rains in there at some point.

Big Kids Slides

The slightly larger kiddy slides that you can see to the left of the cave were another big hit with the tiddlers. In the bottom left corner, there is a seating area which has intermittent Jacuzzi bubbles. Above the cave, I was told there is another mega bubbles jacuzzi but we didn’t take the tiddlers up there.

The Lazy River

Splash Waterworld

Simon really liked the Lazy River, he took Lillie and Ollie on numerous times.  In their own words, it was apparently ‘mega brilliant’.

Rope Bridge Walk

Splash Waterworld

Above the children’s pool is a two-part Rope Bridge Walk for children aged 5 and over whilst the pool itself is shin-deep at one end and just above the knee near the slides. There are 2-3 Water Mushrooms and Water Guns around the outside of the pool with an island in the middle with palm trees which rain all over you. Great fun but the water coming down is a bit on the chilly side!


Splash Waterworld

For the bigger kids there is fun inflatables area in the main swimming pool. It’s a shame that Will wasn’t with us, he would have been in his element. We loved this pool as it was really warm.

Water Slides and Rapids

Splash Waterworld

Simon is a BIG FAN of water slides and I am pleased to say that the Splash Waterworld slides did not disappoint. Simon did say that he would have preferred the fishbowl to be like the one in Bognor Regis where you drop out of the bottom instead of coming out of a chute, but that was his only complaint.

There are three waterslides, the red one is a high-speed adrenaline slide which plunges you into pitch black before you reach the end, the yellow one I think is called the Vortex (a bit like the Fish Bowl style) and there is a third one which you ride with friends in a large rubber ring.

Finally, there are Outdoor Water Rapids which Simon found quite chilly in high winds at around 4.30 pm on a cold winter’s night!

We will DEFINITELY be heading back there next Summer, see you there!

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