029/366 – First trip to the seaside for 2012!


Today we ventured over to Skegness to spend the day with our friends and had a really lovely day, MumtoC cooked us a gorgeous wholesome stew to fuel us up ready for our rather bracing walk on the beach. Despite all being really well wrapped up (Little Bean would not wear a hat, or her hood up!) we were FREEEEEEEEEEEEZING! The wind was blowing AND it was that drizzly rain that gets you really wet but we’re all tough. Can you believe Little Bean was even asking if she could go swimming in the sea, honestly children come out with the craziest requests sometimes!!!!


Poor Beanie Boy has a cough and cold at the moment so he stayed wrapped up in his pushchair and Curly enjoyed catching up with DadtoC because he hasn’t seen him in a while. He was testing out a few of his new jokes on him and DadtoC obliged by laughing in all the right places.


Back at their house it was great to see all the children playing together, Curly and C got on like a house on fire, Little Bean unfortunately was a little bit foot happy and kept kicking anyone who got in her way and Beanie Boy took quite a shine to DadtoC today which meant that MumtoC and I were free to have a good old catch up – and long overdue that has been!

We are all home now and have three very tired children tucked up in bed, not that Little Bean has gone to sleep yet, honestly she just doesn’t know when to give up and go to sleep.

What did you do today?

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  1. We had a fab day too – just a shame we didn’t get out a bit sooner to the beach to avoid the drizzle!

    Lovin the pic of DadtoC – what is that face he’s pulling!!! :-)))

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