Can Mums hibernate?

Do you ever get that feeling? Like you just want to crawl under a big soft duvet and sleep until the world around you has restored itself to a more agreeable state? I think I’m feeling a little jaded after the Summer holidays. They were a mixed bag really, on the whole I can say that I enjoyed about 90% of the holidays which I think is pretty good going but it definitely had its downs. For starters we were plagued by chickenpox for the first four of the six week holiday. It started on the first weekend of the holidays with Beanie Boy who, to be fair, got off pretty lightly with his spots. Then followed Little Bean who had a really bad dose of it, she looked terrible, she was in pain with her spots which were in all of worst places possible (including the insides of her eyelids). She struggled to sleep because every time she relaxed she would catch a spot and it would wake her up. For the first time in her 6 years, she slept in our bed with me as it was the only way I could soothe her to sleep. Finally it was Jelly Bean’s turn who seemed to catch it as bad as Little Bean only his came with a raging temperature too. On the one hand I knew it was good to get them all out of the way at the same time and what better time really than the six week Summer holiday but still, it was supposed to be a time of getting out and about, having fun together, catching up with friends and enjoying the sunshine. Instead we were unable to see friends because they didn’t want their children to catch it, Little Bean missed out on the two weeks of Playscheme that I had paid for and all the fun outdoor plans we had went out of the window. We made up for it by creating new plans indoors but it wasn’t the same.


We were lucky enough to be able to get away for three separate short weeks. The first week when Beanie Boy had chickenpox we went camping to Sacrewell Farm, over the Bank Holiday weekend Hubby took a few extra days so we could go camping to Norfolk and in the final week we went to a caravan in Skegness for 3 days with my Mum again.

Sacrewell Farm

Now that we are getting back into the usual routine, the children seem overly tired, emotions amongst everyone seem to be running high. The Beans seem to be falling out about the colour of the sky, the day of the week and just about any other mundane thing they can think about. If one isn’t crying, the other two are. They are hitting, fighting and screaming at each other and my cute little 18 month old seems to think the best method of dealing with a crying sibling is to slap them (no he doesn’t get it from us) and this is especially the case if said crying sibling is Beanie Boy who seems to get it in the neck from all sides.

On the plus side, Curly, Little Bean and Beanie Boy have all settled back into school well. Curly has been elected Class Captain by his friends – not bad for someone who thinks that nobody likes him! Little Bean is getting on well with her new teacher and Beanie Boy has started at his new pre-school without so much as a whimper. He goes in smiling and comes out happy, skipping and wanting to know when he is going back.

The house feels like it has been neglected for 6 weeks with piles of things abandoned all over the place waiting to be returned to their rightful place. My wardrobes are bursting at the seams with clothes that no longer fit me (because I have finally made a mark on my weight loss) and yet I have a stack of ironing which needs doing AND putting away somewhere. We have a bedroom half decorated but in need of new wardrobes to store said clothing and a number of half finished DIY jobs to complete.

I have work coming out of my ears and craft projects lying half finished yet my mojo has completely abandoned me. I have one of those minds that seems to be racing ahead at 100mph all of the time with all of the things that I need to be doing but when I finally sit down to do them, my head is still speeding ahead and I can’t seem to put the brakes on long enough to take a snapshot of what needs doing first so the long and short of it is that I am stressed out.

Can someone please pass the duvet and pull the curtains . . .

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