Slaying the Stay-at-Home Mom Game: How to Be Fierce, Fab, and Financially Fit

Hey there, fabulous mamas!

First off, let’s pause for a moment and give ourselves a HUGE round of applause. Whether you’re new to this stay-at-home game or have been rocking the role for years, every day brings its own challenges (and joys!). So, hats off to you for navigating through the wild journey of motherhood. Now, let’s get down to business. If you’re looking to truly SLAY as a full-time stay-at-home mom, you’re in the right place. Grab your favorite mug, fill it up with your beverage of choice (coffee, tea, or maybe something a little stronger – I won’t tell), and let’s dive into the secrets of the SAHM slayage.

1. “Mindfulness Mornings”: Your Mental Health Matters! 

Stay-at-Home Mom
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First and foremost, our mental well-being is KEY. Let’s face it: being a stay-at-home mom is no easy feat. Between the never-ending laundry, the toddler tantrums, and the looming feeling of isolation, our minds can become quite the chaotic playground. That’s where “Mindfulness Mornings” come in.

2. “Financially Fierce”: Money Moves for the Modern Mama 

Alright, queen, let’s talk coin. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on those accounts receivable reports or have a hand in the finances. Dive deep into those reports, understanding what’s coming in and going out. It’s empowering to see where the money flows!

Become the Budget Boss: Every month, make it a ritual to go through the family’s finances. Pull out those accounts receivable reports, play around with budgeting apps, or tap into the power of those trusty spreadsheets. The mission? Eliminate those sneaky, unnecessary expenses and allocate funds for some savings or perhaps a few family indulgences.

Side Hustles & Passions: The digital age is your playground, honey! Whether it’s online tutoring, pouring your heart into a blog, or opening up a quaint craft shop on Etsy – the possibilities are limitless. Let that passion fuel your profit game. Not only does it plump up the purse, but it also reignites that spark, reminding you there’s a world beyond the mom role.

3. “Social Butterfly”: Building Your Mama Tribe 

Being a SAHM can sometimes feel isolating. But guess what? There’s an entire world of moms out there feeling the same way! Time to build your tribe.

  • Virtual Mom Groups: There are so many online communities where moms share their stories, tips, and general life hacks. Jump in and make some virtual friends. The camaraderie can be a real game-changer.
  • Plan Playdates: Not just for the kids! While they play, you get to chat with another adult. Talk about a win-win!

4. “Learning & Growing”: Never Stop Being YOU 

Remember the time before diapers and feeding schedules? That woman is still in you, and she deserves to learn and grow. Every month, pick a new skill or hobby. Whether it’s learning to bake French pastries, picking up a new language, or diving into a juicy novel, this is your time. It not only sharpens the mind but also gives you a lovely escape.

Most importantly, always remember that taking care of YOU is vital. Whether it’s a 10-minute face mask, a solo walk around the block, or binge-watching your favorite series after the kids are asleep, these moments are sacred. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so ensure yours is always brimming with love and care.

5. “Domestic Diva: Embrace the Chaos with Style” 

Let’s be real: our homes are our castles, but sometimes, they look more like a toddler’s personal tornado zone. And that’s okay! While it’s essential to keep things somewhat orderly (for our sanity), it’s also essential to cut ourselves some slack. A few scattered toys or a pile of laundry waiting to be folded doesn’t define your worth as a mom. Embrace the chaos, but do it with style. Invest in some cute storage bins, create a playful rotation system for toys, or try theme days for chores. ‘Tidy-up Tuesdays’ or ‘Fold-it Fridays,’ anyone? The trick is to make the mundane magical.

6. “Nourish to Flourish: Fuelling the Mommy Machine” 

Slaying the Stay-at-Home Mom Game: How to Be Fierce, Fab, and Financially Fit 1
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Eating leftovers from your kiddo’s plate or surviving solely on coffee? Guilty as charged! But hey, it’s time to make nutrition our bestie. After all, we’ve got a whole crew depending on us. Batch-cooking is a lifesaver: prepping meals on a quieter day to ease the rush on busier ones. Smoothies can be a quick, nutrient-packed breakfast or snack. And remember, hydration is key. Get a cute water bottle, set hourly alarms if you must, but get that H2O in!

7. “Date Yourself: Because You’re Worth It!” 

Sometimes, amidst all the mothering, partnering, and homemaking, we forget about the woman within. Set a date night for yourself every month. Whether it’s getting dressed up and having dinner alone at your favorite restaurant, watching a movie you’ve been excited about, or even just sitting in a café with a good book, do it! It’s an excellent way for some self-reflection and to connect with yourself again.

8. “Dreamer’s Diary: Penning Down Aspirations”

Dreams don’t stop when motherhood begins. In fact, sometimes, they grow even bigger and brighter. Buy a beautiful diary or journal and start writing down your aspirations, no matter how big or small. It could be as simple as wanting to learn a new recipe or as grand as planning a solo trip abroad. Whenever you achieve one, tick it off! It serves as a wonderful reminder that while you’re a mom, you’re also a woman with dreams and ambitions of her own.

9. “Tech-Time: Digital Detox & Dive In” 

In this age of social media, it’s so easy to lose hours scrolling through feeds, often leading to the dreaded comparison game. Remember, everyone’s showing their highlight reel online, not the behind-the-scenes bloopers. Designate tech-free zones or hours in your home. This digital detox allows you to be present, enjoy the little moments, and deep dive into genuine connections with your kiddos and yourself.

Alright, my lovely mamas, there you have it – your guide to truly slaying the stay-at-home mom game. Remember, every day is a new opportunity, and while perfection is overrated, passion never is. So, embrace each day with love, resilience, and a good dose of fierceness.

Keep shining, keep slaying, and until next time, I am sending you all tons of love and positive vibes! 

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