Going backwards?

Last week it was all going so well – we decided that we really needed to get a routine properly sorted with Beanie Boy and Little Bean.  One that worked for them but one that worked for us too!  And just like that, they slotted right into it and made Mummy and Daddy very proud.  All of a sudden Beanie Boy was having three, one hour naps a day and going to bed at 7.30pm after his bath, massage and feed, sleeping through until 7.30am.  Little Bean began taking her naps at the same time as Beanie Boy’s midday nap.  It was amazing, I had time back to myself again, I got caught up on some much delayed jobs on my mammoth “to do” list and we felt like life was pretty “normal” again. 

But as quickly as the routine settled in, it went again!  Not all of it I might add, Beanie Boy is still taking three, one hour naps and Little Bean is still sleeping at midday but Beanie Boy has decided that he doesn’t want to sleep from 7.30pm, no he quite likes staying away until 11pm with Mummy and Daddy which is bearable but after sleeping through the night for 3-4 weeks he has started waking in the night again???  What’s that all about?  I didn’t mind the night feeds when they were a regular thing as I was in the zone but now that I’ve had a glimpse of my former sleeping pattern, I’m not really too pleased about giving it up again.

I can’t for the life of me think why things have changed, we haven’t done anything different at all.  He still seems really tired but he’s just not keen on staying in bed.  We thought maybe he was a little bit cold so we bought him a warmer sleepsuit but it hasn’t made any difference.  Oh well, he did it once so hopefully it will come back again (soon!) until then I’m enjoying the extra cuddles and watching the ironing pile up!

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