Top 5 things to do on your mobile phone . . .

Everywhere you look these days there will be at least one person near you with a mobile phone in their hand. I often look and wonder what they might be doing on their mobile phone, are they simply texting, reading emails, are they playing games, reading books, listening to music . . . the possibilities are endless.

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My mobile phone is my lifeline, without it I am completely lost. My phone is my personal organiser, my connection to the world and the people in my life, it is my mobile office and as well as a games centre for my Beans when I need to keep their quietly entertained for a few minutes (generally in the Doctor’s waiting room).

With this in mind I thought I would share with you my top 5 things to do when going ‘mobile’;

  1. Take photographs – whilst my Mobile phone will never fully replace my digital cameras, it is most certainly a well-used backup. It is always close to hand and great for quickly sharing images. Whenever I get a new mobile phone, one of the first apps I install is one that links me to Instagram.
  2. Keeping in touch – whether it be texting, emailing, tweeting or Facebook use my phone countless times throughout the day to interact with someone. It could be my neighbour asking for help collecting the Beans from School or my friends and relatives nearby. How great it is our lives can be so connected. Once upon a time, if loved ones moved to a different country, you would only get to see them at the expense of air and sea travel, but nowadays, you can Skype, email and Facetime as though they were only in the room next door.
  3. Shopping – most parents will tell you that shopping with children is rarely fun or simple, whether it be picking up the week’s groceries or trying to find a new outfit for a special occasion. Shopping online takes away all the stress because when you type in a red dress, you don’t just see the red dress of the shop you are standing in, but you see the red dress of every single shop that advertises online. The possibilities are endless and so as not to tempt yourself too much, you can select what you see by budget, size and style.
  4. Gaming – Whilst I enjoy playing Bingo on a night out with my friends, we don’t always get the opportunity to get together as often as we would like to due to life commitments, but that doesn’t mean that gameplay can’t continue does it? The beauty of playing Bingo Mobile is that it doesn’t matter where you are providing you have a reliable internet connection. The best online Bingo apps offer different bingo games and experiences to give you variety for your amusement.
  5. Listening to music – at the end of the day when you want to wind down or even in the middle of the day when you find a shady spot to relax from the heat of the sunshine, listening to music on your mobile can be a really enjoyable distraction.

There are many ways to use your smartphone, visit awesome uses for old smartphones to learn more.

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